Anya Droug

Life Sequences


With a background in interior design, it’s easy to identify where Anya developed her structured and balanced aesthetic. In the series Life Sequences, like the foundations of a building and a home, bones are that for animals and insects. Far from being solely an anatomically accurate portrayal of nature’s various creatures, Anya strives to open their lives and bring them closer into ours, exposing us to their unique spark. The subjects are captured in various states of movement, creating tangibility and further emphasizing the relationship and ownership of their environments. Animals and insects make up so much of our lives, and many would argue that sometimes they are closer to our soul than people. The use of painting in such a large scale, and also so candidly, help the viewer to better understand this concept.



In viewing architecture we often use a more macro viewpoint, foregoing details to fully digest the majestic edifices before us. Anya’s obsession with geometry has led her to take on the challenge of making something so mathematical and applying heavy dose of creative design to it. She compels us to shift our focus to the decorative and functional components that make up a building. By re-contextualizing the seemingly mundane and applying appreciation, the viewer begins to see how these images are a small piece in larger puzzle.

The use of bold lines and bolts of red and whites create a vibrant energy and swells of life, and we begin to understand through Anya’s eyes the efforts required to make something seem so simple become extraordinary. In bringing her interpretation of each scene to life, the viewer is bestowed an opportunity to develop their own story and relationship with the piece itself.



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