Company Overview

Wall Hop is an Online Art Gallery where You Can Purchase Expertly Curated Artwork from the World’s Most Notable Emerging and Mid-Career Artists. We are a team of world-class entrepreneurs and art insiders, delivering the best shopping experience for art collectors through top-tier artwork, amazing customer service, and exclusive cultural content. 

We believe that shopping for art online need not be an overwhelming and tedious experience. The Wall Hop team goes through the extensive process of cultivating artists with visions and techniques that will entice and inspire both viewers and fellow artists. Brick and mortar galleries are still an excellent way to discover and learn about art, but they no longer fit all consumers’ needs. Our ability to represent any artist that inspires us demonstrates that quantity can equal quality. Specializing in high-realist painting and photography, our excitement pushes us to constantly seek out emerging and established artists whose careers we can help to flourish.

Additionally, through in-depth interviews, videos and analytical artistic descriptions, we are a platform that offers insight into the many facets that forge art world. By offering glances into an industry that is only now working towards becoming accessible, we provide a level of comfort with art not often seen or practiced by other galleries.

In browsing the site at your own pace, we hope that you’ll become encouraged to fully enjoy the act of discovery and will learn more about our artists and their process.



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