Gordon Shadrach

Paying tribute to the dandy, a bolder, more refined and accessories dominant style, Gordon’s works portrays an intimate editorial spread. It could be interpreted as an elaborate brand advertisement, but instead speaks more about the subject’s character. The connection is not lost on him – with an education in textiles and career in visual display, Gordon worked with prominent design houses Ralph Lauren and Harry Rosen.

The unabashed spirit of the dandy also reflects Gordon’s own. Taught from a young age to stand out and refuse to conform to aesthetic norms, he reflects this mentality through fictitious dandy’s who favour details such as exquisitely tailored shoes, adventurous prints and vibrant bursts of colour. Men are often encouraged to dress so void of expression that they could easily fade into the background. The anxiety of being negatively perceived through a visually “loud” outfit choice is steeped in their psyche. Gordon’s work highlights the small, but punchy ways one can stand out, urging male viewers in particular to re-examine how much other people’s opinions should not matter to them.

Because of how dandy’s draw attention to themselves, Gordon also sees them as superheroes in off-duty attire. Subtle additions such as an arrow pin (symbolizing the Green Arrow character) are a sly reference to his love of comics. Another distinct series are his more laid-back bike commuters. Using a photo that he took for reference, Gordon focuses on the more subtle and practical styles that he sees on the street.


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