Gwynne Giles

In viewing Gwynne’s work for the first time, it immediately strikes the viewer how he has reinvented the De Stijl movement into at style that is uniquely his own. In order to produce these activity-laden works, Gwynne uses the incredibly regimented process of painstakingly taping each line. Sometimes lines are re-done many times until he is fully satisfied with the angle that it produces.

The combination of abstract figures and structures depicted in primary colours immediately evokes playfulness. Partially dedicated to his godson and goddaughter, Gwynne creates fantasy worlds that would appeal to their giant, nonsensical imaginations. Everyday scenes are made whimsical through the way his characters are depicted; their geometric bodies express emotion through the length and position of their necks. Working with the notion that a good painting should have the eye move around it, these worlds always contain perpetual motion. Negative space also plays a role in each piece, as it leaves room for the viewer to supply their own imagination and emotions.




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