Matt Beasant


In spending his formative years amongst nature, Matt uncovers inspiration and applies his own vision to the memories of his surrounding. His discernible abstract images in each of his landscapes appear to contain traces of established folklore, but in actual fact are fully fictional designs incubated from escapism and the desire to be fully consumed by a wholly instinctive creative process. By combining geometry and architecture with soft curves to suggest movement, these tangents evolved into self-made allegorical systems that possess the ability to suggest emotion without the need for words.

Tranquility is instantly felt when viewing Matt’s atmospheric work. Utilizing muted tones often seen at the onset of a sunrise and sunset, his smooth and beautifully executed landscape gradients express boundlessness. Bold lines create depth within the confinements of two-dimensional painting and emphasize whether or not you’re viewing a landscape in a microscopic snapshot, or as an expansive scene. Both perspectives challenge the viewer, encouraging them to imagine what isn’t being shown, and also what lies beyond.




Forcefully untethered from rocky shores,

Held together by a sinew of soil and roots, we voyage ahead.

Flotilla represents a desire to breath away – to forge ahead. It is about creating a sense of individuality and uniqueness with a clear sense of direction. This restless nature communicates with sharp and aggressive forms that are fused onto floating islands.





Across vast distances emotions are carried together –

Both coming and going yet moving as one.

They travel over many landscapes

Overshadowing all with mystery and intrigue

Wanderer is about fluidity and change. Forms are both smooth and sharp and can be seen as travelling in many directions at once. They are mysterious and fleeting and never reveal their true nature. They are like enigmatic clouds that constantly churn and change in the sky.


The Megalith is a juxtaposition of strength and fragility. We see large daunting forms looming over peaceful landscapes. The strength of these forms is but a veneer as they have been erected on shallow foundations – structures created to collapse.




In the silence of darkness and under bright light

We dig giant mine shafts each one out of sight.

The connection creates an epiphany for the mind;

A vault is no place for the treasures we find.

The Conduit series is about building a connection to hidden treasures. It is a mining operation where we survey not just for the physical but also for the intangible, the emotional and the intuitive.




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