Ramona Nordal

Resilience emanates from Ramona’s pieces. Her statuesque subjects all possess a unique narrative, but share a similar conclusion. Through neutral expressions we can glean both turmoil and a demonstration of inner calmness that comes from reconciling perpetual inner struggle. Her sculptural aesthetic works well with her vision, as we often experience statues at the height of triumph and defiance. To Ramona, depicting a moment frozen in time allows us to revisit it when we find ourselves in a patch of despair, yearning for hope.

Fully utilizing the full textural range of acrylic’s abilities, Ramona divides her pieces into two parts. The stiff, marbled bodies represent a loss of character, while the billowy, vibrant coloured hair and headpieces reflect the turning point where the woman begins to regain her strength and sense of self. The culminating effect is steely resolve. Ramona felt that there was more emotion that could be expressed from surviving than fear and vulnerability. It’s a moment we all look forward to when we find ourselves particularly tried.


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