Takeo Ten


Takeo enjoys experimenting with techniques that are reminiscent of the broad, yet soft strokes and natural colour palettes seen in Group of Seven landscapes, and combine them with bold street art lines, punchy colours and contemporary imagery. His process is almost always reactionary, using mistakes to his advantage by layering textures and colours until he is satisfied. Takeo demonstrates this way of creating art in his abstract works, loosely titled Automatistes, after the French movement. Subtle details are also woven into the many layers – if you look closely you will find inscriptions such as YYZ, emphasizing his love for his city.


The antiquated boundaries separating street art from Old Master “high art” have dissolved. His tarot card series, Graffstract, is a reference to Takeo’s unique graphic signature that he’s carried into the realm of collectable art. Graffstract manifests as colourful, structured curves that serve as both an accent and framing of subjects. Fascinated with melding the old with the new, he re-contextualizes their power and meaning for contemporary times.


Suggested by a college professor to deliver more explicit narrative in his work, Takeo created TBot, his alter-ego robot. This is a robot-about-town who’s frequently seen having a drink at a bar, teasingly plucking at the CN Tower and generally using the city as his playground. As a whole, Takeo anticipates that we will have a future not far off from TBot’s imaginary adventures, and that we will be inevitably interacting with and sharing a city with semi-sentient robots, much like the TV series Futurama.


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