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A need for digital platforms that encourage conversations and discussions on today’s art scene and artists has finally been recognized and realized. In recent years there has been an unprecedented influx of blogs and publications that provide exposure for both artists and art-trends to a wide and culturally diverse audience. We provide a fresh perspective and a deep insight into the art world.

We showcase more than just artwork. For the first time we’re taking you behind-the-scenes and into the studios and minds of these incredible artists. Our compelling, exclusive content highlights the creative process, giving insight into the stories and inspirations behind the artwork. Not only are we exposing you to the biggest names in contemporary art – but also the world’s emerging superstars.

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For Collectors:

Ecommerce is increasingly becoming the most convenient and enjoyable channel for discovering and purchasing goods. In delivering the highest quality artwork from emerging and established artists, we break down the geographic barriers that limit brick-and-mortar galleries and art collectors. Now you can discover artists from all over the world right at your fingertips.

An online purchase doesn’t mean an impersonal one – at Wall Hop we provide an exceptional shopping experience through our customer service practices.  Call us to receive advice about any of our pieces, to answer any questions, or to speak with an industry insider that will help you find a piece that you’ll love.  Our goal is for you to own a piece of art that you’ll treasure for years to come. Whether you are a new collector or a seasoned one, you can shop confidently online with a personal touch.

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For artists:

Wall Hop is a highly visited e-commerce art gallery that is setting the standard for purchasing art online. 71% of art collectors say that they have purchased artwork online. The online art market is expected to triple in size by 2019.  By working with us, artists tap into this booming market & join a roster of highly talented and successful peers.

Wall Hop delivers information that will give you a good footing as you navigate your career in this booming industry. We report on trends and showcase tips and tricks from successful industry professionals that give comprehensive information on how to successfully sell your artwork.

We are also providing inspiration; interviews with globally celebrated artists will reveal the journeys and struggles that both challenged and enabled them to be where they are today. In representing such great talent we are setting a standard for what we see contemporary art becoming. Our marketing initiatives and original articles extend to our roster of artists when they join the Wall Hop family. By representing original artwork, marketing our artists, and creating compelling content, we’re swiftly gaining the reputation as the only full-service online art gallery!

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