I am a Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef. I graduated in 2009, but began my first company, Tastes Like More, in 2008, where I created custom wedding/special occasion cakes, and other desserts for both private clients and local restaurants.

I also have professional experience in: food styling and photography, recipe development, catering, and fine dining.

In 2016 I began to focus more on higher-end delicacies, rebranding into Feels Like More. I’m extremely curious and passionate about experimental pastry techniques and eccentric flavour combinations, using only quality ingredients.

Feels Like More is currently developing a luxury cannabis line committed to the normalization of medicinal and recreational use, through refined edibles and upscale events.

As an homage to my classical French education, Feels Like More’s flagship product is the French macaron. In 2016 I submitted my lemon flavour to The Karma Cup, a medical cannabis competition, and won 2nd place in the Edibles category.